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‘Arthritis Can Affect Sexual Performance’

‘Arthritis Can Affect Sexual Performance’

A group of medical experts, Abuja Brain and Spine Group, has warned against the consequences of arthritis, saying apart from causing disability, the disease can affect the victim’s sexual performance.

The group’s Chairman, Dr. Biodun Ogungbo, in a statement on Thursday, also identified ignorance, poor investigation and treatment as well as lack of expertise as some of the problems associated with spine-related problems.

According to him, wear and tear caused by walking and performing daily activities could cause arthritis.

Ogungbo said, “The bones crumble and press on the nerves in the back leading to pain shooting down the leg. Some people call this sciatica. But whatever you call it, this pain can be a real source of misery to people and interferes with work and social life.

“It can get bad that it affects the nerves supplying the bladder leading to incontinence. It can also affect sexual function and cause numbness in the private parts.”

Declaring that Nigeria had the doctors and hospitals to treat spine problems, Ogungbo blamed ignorance for the commonness of the disease.

He said, “The key issues are that spine problems are not identified early. This is often due to ignorance, poverty, poor facilities and lack of expertise.

Poor quality of advice leads to bad decisions, which can be costly in terms of money and more importantly, in the health of the patient. Information is vital and communication is important.

“Arthritis situation is not uncommon in many adults and doctors reckon that about one in 10 people over the age of 50 have some symptoms and signs of arthritis in the neck.

“The sad thing is that it is frequently misdiagnosed and the delays in diagnosis lead to increase in disability. Many patients have tried religious houses, native medicine and many more have been treated for malaria, stroke and tuberculosis.”

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