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"I'm Not A Prostitute"- Woman Claims After Sleeping With Married Man

"I'm Not A Prostitute"- Woman Claims After Sleeping With Married Man

A suspected hubby snatcher who is also a member of Roman Catholic church was on Sunday morning confronted by angry residents for cheating with a married man.Phelomena Mnangarwa (39) was having a good time with her lover Isaiah Mukandapi when she was confronted by angry women in the neighbourhood.

The incident occurred in Crowborough, Zimbabwe when the women grouped and confronted Mukandapi and his mistress, whom they know is married. Some wanted to beat the alleged home-wrecker, calling her a prostitute.

Mukandapi's wife and four children are reportedly in the rural areas and the women could not stomach seeing him taking a mistress in their colleague's bedroom. The women accused him of neglecting his family.

Isaiah rushed to the police to seek help. Mnangarwa said that she was surprised to hear noise on the doorstep whilst she was still in the house. She revealed that she knows that Isaiah is married but had promised to make her his second wife.

She said it was not her fault that she was there but she was in love. "We met in Borrowdale and I'm not married. We came here together yesterday (Saturday) and I was preparing to leave when I heard noise on the doorstep; the women talking to Isaiah. They suddenly entered the house and started calling me a prostitute and I was even assaulted. I'm not a prostitute," she said.

One of the angry women said: "We know he is married and he has been sneaking this woman into the house and we confronted them. His wife is in the rural areas, struggling with their four children.

"She is known in the neighbourhood for begging and yet he is here, busy courting other women. It is not good for him to take another woman into the house yet he is married and we told him to take her away. So we as women grouped and confronted them and he abandoned the house saying he was rushing to the police. It's sad that his wife is struggling with the children who wrote their O'level examinations but there is no money for them to come and get their results. Things are even hard for him as people in this cooperative contributed asbestos for his house and even a mattress for him to sleep on with his wife now he is taking prostitutes in."

Contacted for comments, Isaiah's mobile phone went unanswered.

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