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Inhuman Activities Of Nigerian Soldiers In Abuja

Inhuman Activities Of Nigerian Soldiers In Abuja

A cross-section of Abuja resident has condemned in totality the rampant visibility and inhuman activities of the Nigerian soldiers who were ordinarily ought to be in their barrack waiting for call of defence.

Inhuman Activities Of Nigerian Soldiers In Abuja

This apparently had resulted in continuous panic by some city resident whenever these soldiers are sighted in their Hilux jeep fully armed.

Owoye Kassim who resides in Mararaba, Nassarawa state, a boundary town with FCT lamented the torture they are meant to pass through in the hands of these soldiers, describing it as wickedness and barbaric.

Narrating his experience in the hand of the soldiers, Ikenna Nnadi said, "I was mercilessly beaten by these guys (soldiers). I was just walking home quietly when they were passing, suddenly I heard that someone is calling me, when I turned to look at them, they asked me to come, just for me to get there. Then they bundled me into their Hilux jeep, slapping and kicking me with their gun, my brother, it was bad experience and I don't pray for it again. The funniest of it is that I did nothing to those guys, I was just walking on my own "jeje"," he lamented

Apparently as a result of challenges of security and insurgency of extremist (Boko Haram), the soldiers have been let loose from their barrack where they ought to be until there's an external aggression that is beyond the normal regular police and even the police mobile force (Mopol).

A drive round the city of Abuja during weekdays shows that soldiers have taken the responsibility of the police, conspicuously seen on the gates of various office and buildings both private and public. Some of the rich men even go to extent of hiring them to serve as their body guards, abandoning their core mandate of providing a defence for the nigerian territory against any external attack.

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