Dating Beautiful And Powerful Women Gave Me Fame- Sammie Okposo 4 years ago 0

Dating beautiful and powerful women gave Sammie Okposo fame but it also brought him pains. In this interview, the Delta State born ace producer, singer and actor shares the gains and pains of stardom.


You were quite notorious with the women, why was that and what did these women see in you? Unfortunately for me, all the women I had relationships with, were very popular and powerful women way ahead of me in the entertainment industry. I once dated a Miss Nigeria, a very popular actress and a few others. What made me popular was like a mystery. When people wanted to know who I was and how I got to date those women, they started digging and that was how I became relevant. It was not the awards I received that brought me fame; it was the ladies I was connected to.
Was it something you planned or was it deliberate? No, it was not planned. My band was jamming at Pintos then and the owner Mr Onabolu was one of the organizers of the Miss Nigeria pageant then. As part of the package, the winner of the Miss Nigeria was scheduled to pay a courtesy call on Pintos which was his joint. She had a fantastic voice and someone mentioned she should try singing with my band and that was how we met. We just struck a chord, got very friendly and that was where it started from. Home Page

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