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Obama’s Presidential Limousine Is A Rolling Fortress

Obama’s Presidential Limousine Is A Rolling Fortress

President Obama's limousine, also known as The Beast, has eight-inch-thick doors made of tiatnium, steel, aluminum, and concrete.

Obama’s Presidential Limousine Is A Rolling Fortress

The Beast, otherwise known as the Presidential Limousine, and POTUS’ ride is tricked out with more armor, high-tech gadgetry, offensive and defensive gear than a small battalion.

The precise specs of this modified Cadillac aren’t available to the public due to security concerns, but we do know The Beast swills a gallon of gas every 8 miles due to its heavy armor and size, its doors are a whopping 8 inches thick, and it’s made largely of titanium, steel, ceramic and aluminum.

It’s so fortified that almost no sound enters the cockpit, necessitating special microphones rigged on the body so the driver and passengers can hear what’s going on around the car.

It seats seven people including the President. The car carries its own oxygen, is equipped with a night-vision camera, firefighting system, run-flat tires, tear gas cannons, and steel wheels.

An undisclosed amount of Presidential blood in case of emergency is aboard and the car is impervious to biological attack due to a lock-down mechanism which, when deployed, seals the interior against a biological attack.

Communication with the other 45 cars in the motorcade for typical U.S.-based trips is accomplished via a command and control center liasoned with the White House Communications Agency Roadrunner vehicle, using encrypted information.

What the public doesn’t know about The Beast is subject to endless speculation, rumor and conjecture. Some of the unconfirmed features include:

• Infrared smoke grenades, which surround The Beast and make it a difficult target for enemies firing rockets or grenades

• Video system enabling driver to see in smoke, darkness, fog

• A price tag upwards of $300,000

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