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Mixed Moods At Late Justus Esiri’s Residence

Mixed Moods At Late Justus Esiri’s Residence

When the news of the death of veteran Nollywood actor, Justus Esiri broke, the proponents of the ‘angel of death in Nollywood’ theory once again came out.

Mixed Moods At Late Justus Esiri’s Residence

What was initially dismissed as just another hoax was confirmed when one of his sons Dr. Sid put up a photo of him on his Twitter avatar and updated his bio as ‘RIP Dad’.

On Arrival at the 14 Alhaji Azeez, Beesam, off Airport Road, Lagos residence of the Esiris at 10:55am a day after his death, we were surprised to find a not so gloomy atmosphere. Within the compound, it didn’t seem as if anything had happened because most family members and guests were calm. NET spotted young men and women having conversations and smiling.

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The deceased’s son Dr. SID had told us earlier there’s nothing to be sad about his dad’s death, because the veteran actor lived a fulfilled life.

‘His life is being studied in Universities in the UK. He lived to be 70, and anything else after 70 is a gift, so there’s really nothing to be sad about’, the pop star told us.

By the side of the entrance into the main house, there was a condolence register, where guests and sympathizers were required to sign their condolences. Only when you enter into the sitting room will you find a much gloomy atmosphere as family members were consoling Esiri’s widow.

Notable among the family members present were his children Sydney (Dr. Sid), Andrew and Otobore.

The crews from African Independent Television (AIT) and Television Continental (TVC) who had arrived in anticipation of getting stories and interviews were respectfully asked not to record and told that interviews will not be granted at this time.

Esiri, an accomplished actor and multi-talented performer, died on February 19, 2013 at 70.

The family says a press statement will be issued in due course.

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