Kim Kardashian Ripped Nigeria Off $500,000 for 'No Show'

Kim Kardashian Ripped Nigeria Off $500,000 for 'No Show'

American Reality TV star Kim Kardashian did her bank account no harm when she appeared at a Valentine’s Day concert in Lagos for a few minutes and walked away with some N82m. But her already questionable reputation has suffered some more.

Kim Kardashian Ripped Nigeria Off $500,000 for 'No Show'

Kim Kardashian was scheduled to headline Darey Art Alade’s Valentine’s gig with the catchy title ‘Love . . .Like a Movie’. What happened was certainly like a movie, the grand performances of the night, and Kim’s varnishing act. She came and left so fast if you had blinked, you would have missed her.

But the talking point was she was the money she was paid to make an appearance. $500, 000 (Half a million dollars), which translates as N 82. 5 m. That much. And Kim just walked in and walked out 45 minutes later and was back on the plane to the States. The cyber space has been agog with condemnation of her action and some have gone as far as calling the reality TV star a fraudster.

What was Kim Kardashian invited to do, anyway, since she has no obvious talent? She does not sing or dance and the acting she does on TV is said to be reality. Darey Art Alade brought her in to co-host the event with him. Her name did sell tickets, even if some of these tickets went for N100, 000. And those who paid this much had the distinction of being at a pre-event dinner where Kim K made a brief appearance as well.

The concert at Eko Hotel, one of Lagos’ premiere event centre, had Kim make a brief appearance and then left, confounding the audience. One of them was Charles Novia, ace Nollywood producer. “She came in at the beginning of the show and spent just forty-five seconds or so on stage! That was all we saw of her. She introduced herself and asked the audience to prepare for a night they wouldn’t forget and left. Shikena!

She was even glum, as if it was a task to just be there at all!” he wrote in an article. “If you ask me, there was no need for Kim Kardashian at all in this concert. None whatsoever! Was she paid huge sums and flown here to just introduce Darey? It didn’t make sense to many. My two cents on that would be that Darey’s management knew they had a great show planned but needed the ‘ooomph’ factor to pull in more crowds. And Kim Kardashian was that factor, perhaps. Anyway, the show would go down in the history of concerts in Nigeria as the best. I mean it!” he added.

The organiser, Darey Art Alade has been basking in the eulogies pouring in on Twitter over the success of the show, while carefully avoiding comments on Kim’s brief appearance which has agitated many people who feel the money paid to bring Kim to Nigeria was a total waste. Blogger and Publisher Jeremy Weate, in a blog post was not as kind when he described her action as 419, saying she had scammed the scammers.

Le Mitraillou twitting as @OlaHolloway said, “Kim Kardashian’s stay in Lagos reminds me of her marriage.” This is a snide reference to Kim’s fairy tale wedding to Kris Humphries, which enjoyed wide television coverage but lasted all of 72 days. The divorce is still ongoing while Kim has moved on and gotten pregnant for rapper Kanye West. Humphries has said he had been set up for the fall from the beginning just so Kim’s reality show can enjoy a boost.

Many guests at the wedding accused Kim of staging the event in order to make money from endorsement deals and the expensive gifts she was going to get, an allegation the reality TV star has denied. Whatever disappointments her brief appearance engendered, the likes of TuFace, 9ice, Iyanya, Timi Dakolo, Praiz, Waje and others who combined with Circque du Soleil an extreme theatre, made the night memorable for the audience in what has been described as one of the best organised concerts in the country.

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