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CPC Calls Ethiopian Airlines to Order

CPC Calls Ethiopian Airlines to Order

The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) has kicked against the ill-treatment meted out to passengers of Ethiopian Airlines on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, describing it as a violation of international best practices.

The council in a letter to the airline, said its reaction was based on several complaints received from passengers of the said flight, particularly those of the Business Class, who felt their rights were wantonly abused.

CPC, while noting in the letter that Ethiopian Airlines was the oldest African airlines with record of international best practices displayed in other routes, wondered about the poor service delivery which, it said, "is notoriously Nigerian specific."

According to the agency, the passengers were not only shabbily treated by the airline's ground staff, they were made to go through harrowing check-in process, faulty weighing scale and indiscriminate boarding.

The council pointed out that the process of checking in at the Business Class line was unnecessarily long and arduous and that "the complaint of passengers was met with an unapologetic wave of hand by the male supervisor on duty, passing off the fault to system failure."

It stressed that when the council's Director General, Mrs Dupe Atoki, who was one of the passengers on the queue, approached the airline's official he became "confrontational," adding that the DG's threat to file a complaint against the airline's worker did not make him sober up as he thundered back, saying 'you can write whatever you please'.

Some of the Business Class passengers on the queue, who were distraught with the conduct of the staff in question, included Mr and Mrs. Suraj Yakubu, former Executive Secretary of Nigeria Investment Promotion Council (NIPC); Ambassador, Professor Okon Edet Uya, former Chairman National Electoral Commission and Member, African Union Panel of Eminent Person (APRM); Stephen Danyo of the World Bank; and Gary Offner from the USA, the Council stated further.

He said, "we want to announce to the whole world with all the noise we can muster that we are ready and our doors are now opened to take Jigawa to the next level."

In his speech the chairman of the summit Lord Paul Boateng said he has the conviction that the state can become a 'Super Eagle' in the economic world, remarking that, "Nigeria is Africa's biggest direction for foreign investment."

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