Ghana Bans Use of Mobile Phones by Drivers 4 years ago 0

Ghana has banned the use of mobile phones by drivers in traffic.The ban is part of a legislative instrument placed before parliament by the Minister of Transport to check practices that lead to avoidable road accidents, the state-owned Graphic reported on Friday.

It said the legislative instrument bans the use of mobile phones and the operation of television monitors on the dashboards of vehicles. It is now illegal for drivers to use hand-held communication devices, such as mobile phones, to make calls, send or receive messages or access the internet while driving.

The report of the subsidiary legislation of parliament said members of the security agencies would, however, be permitted to use mobile phones and similar devices when they are driving to execute their duties.

The law also bans the use of motorcycles for commercial purposes. “It will be unlawful for owners of motorcycles to allow their cycles to be used for commercial purposes.

“Persons who will patronise the services of these cycles as commercial transport will pay a fine or be sentenced to a term of imprisonment,” the law states.

Under the law, vehicles will renew their registration numbers biennially to check vehicle theft and raise revenue to support the transport sector. Until now, vehicle registration numbers were not renewed although there was an annual road-worthiness check. Home Page

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