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Too Much of Action in Our Student Love Shack

Too Much of Action in Our Student Love Shack

It's 5 a.m. and my house mate has just slipped from my bed and gone back to her room. This house is a hotbed of sex but we all carry on just as friends.

I’m 20 and in my second year at art college. I’ve made some great friends and we decided to do a house-share this year, that’s me and two other lads and three girls, all my age. I get on with them great and they all chat to me about what’s going on in their lives.

One of the girls is so my type. She’s a bit of a goth with a beautiful face and a body to die for. I tried not to fantasise about her but I just couldn’t help it.

One night she came to my room while I was asleep. I opened my eyes and saw this beautiful vision beside me. She smiled and asked, “Shall I get in?”

She slipped under the duvet with me. It all felt quite weird but it was a massive turn-on. We kissed for a while and then we had sex. It felt like a dream but I knew it was real. After a while she went back to her room.

We met in the kitchen next day and she just carried on like before. The next night she did it again.

I was confused so I asked her if we could start seeing each other properly but she just brushed me aside with a smile and went off to college as usual.

Over the next several weeks the other two girls visited me in the night as well. Lucky guy, you might think, though I have to admit I was very confused.

Since then the two other guys have both mentioned to me that they had made and received night time visits as well. Like I said, they all talk to me but I don’t think they talk to each other in quite the same way.

I think I’m the only one here who knows the full picture of what’s going on the house. I don’t know how nobody’s been caught out yet.

During the day the relationships in the house seem to be just the same as they always were. No one is talking about what goes on “after hours”. I’m worried it’s all going to come out in the open one day and the proverbial will hit the fan. Then what will happen? Things just may turn out bad.



It sounds like every male student’s dream but you’re right to be worried. This could have disastrous consequences.

Please think not only about people getting hurt and falling out with each other, but also about unplanned pregnancy and sexual infection. Things could turn out really badly if you’re not taking proper precautions.

You’ve had some fun but casual sex can soon lose its appeal and my bet it’s not what you really want anyway. Take back control of your life.

Next time you get a night-time visitor, have the courage to say, “No thanks.” Get a lock for your door if you need to. Get a sexual-health check too and hope it’s not too late on the pregnancy front. Even if you have been taking precautions, they cut down the risks but can’t eliminate then completely.

You’re not responsible for what others are doing but they may follow your example and life return to a more normal house-share regime.

Maybe you can still all be friends. If not, you may just have to keep your head down until you can sort out other accommodation. Don’t forget you’re at college to study. You’ll regret it later if you get too distracted. 

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