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Ask Naij: "My Friend's Husband Sexually Assaulted Me"

Ask Naij: "My Friend's Husband Sexually Assaulted Me"

I drank so much at a neighbour’s party, I couldn’t stand up and could hardly string two words together. That didn’t stop this big slob of a man having sex with me.

I’m 32 and life has been difficult lately. I split up with my husband after 10 years of marriage and to top it all I got cancer. My treatment was successful but I’ll never be able to have children, something I had always wanted one day.

I didn’t feel much like a party so had a quick drink before I left home just to get in the mood. I’m not much of a drinker but that night I made an exception – I wanted to forget about my problems.

I was out of my head by the end of the night. I remember wandering out for somewhere quiet to lie down. I fell fast asleep and woke to find everyone had gone, apart from my friend’s husband.

He was talking to me but I was too drunk to reply. The next thing I knew he had his hands down my top and was feeling my breasts. Then he kissed me. I tried to stop him but he just carried on. Then I was down on the floor, my dress was pulled up and he was having sex with me.

It was horrible. I pushed him away, shouting, “Get off me!” He went away in the end and I managed to find my way home.

I felt so sick and revolted I went straight to bed and stayed there all day. I feel terrible now as I’m not the sort to sleep around and certainly not with a friend’s husband. I feel sick at what happened but I can’t talk to anyone as we’re all in the same circle of friends.

I can’t stop crying. I feel so guilty and I’m afraid my friend will find out.

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Prayer points of ✦Ramadan✦ for each Muslim!

Prayer points of ✦Ramadan✦ for each Muslim!
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