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Pedophile Seizes Wife's Property After Being Exposed

Pedophile Seizes Wife's Property After Being Exposed

An Abeokuta Magistrate Court sitting in Isabo on Friday ordered a man, Alabi Ibraheem, accused of raping his 10-year-old stepdaughter, to allow his estranged wife pack her belongings from the matrimonial home.

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The wife, Adiat Fadimu, reported to the court that the 60-year-old accused had, since the allegation was brought to the public and the court, locked up her belongings including that of her child.

"My Lord, since the case is brought to court, he has locked up my properties and that of my daughter, not allowing me to take them out. I am appealing to the court to help me out," she said.

After listening to Adiat's plight, Magistrate, I.O. Olayinka ordered the accused to immediately release the woman and her daughter's belongings. He further warned the estranged couple not to engage in any altercation when the property are being taken out of the house: "You should after leaving this court release her properties to her, the two of you must not engage in any altercation, if you do, I will order for your remand in prisons," the magistrate told the accused who had earlier been granted bail during his first appearance on November 29, 2012.

Mr. Olayinka also told his orderly, Agba Boniface: "After the court sitting, you must follow them home, and monitor the release of the woman’s properties. Ensure they don't engage themselves in any verbal war; if they do, am instructing you to arrest them, and I will order their remand in prisons."

After investigating the rape incident, the police found the accused culpable. They are therefore prosecuting him for having unlawful carnal knowledge of the 10-year-old girl; an offence contrary to and punishable under section 218 of criminal code laws of Ogun State of Nigeria, 2006. At the hearing, the counsel to the accused told the court that the case file was still pending at the table of Director of Public Prosecution(DPP); and demanded that the case be adjourned. Mr. Olayinka adjourned further hearing of the case to April 25.

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