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Dating Tips: Attract Him And Keep Him Interested

Dating Tips: Attract Him And Keep Him Interested

Dating Tips: Attract Him And Keep Him Interested

It's harder than ever to find an honest, consistent gentleman who is looking for partnership and is serious about settling down. However, despite most women's experiences, these elusive gentlemen absolutely do exist and they are waiting for you! The key is in knowing what attracts a man to a woman and inspiring more men to step up and treat you like the goddess you are!

What Attracts A Man To A Woman: Appreciation

Most women are very appreciative in our hearts. We feel flattered when a man compliments us or shows interest. If the attention and praise is coming from an attractive man, some of us get so excited and caught off guard that we freeze up with nerves and/or question his sincerity. For this reason, most women often forget to express appreciation. We forget to say "thank you." We don't take that extra moment when out with a man on a date to look him in the eye, soften our voice and tell him that he's touched our heart. 

A lot of time we even deflect compliments and acts of kindness and honor. A man will say "You look beautiful tonight" and we rush to compliment him back: "So do you!" Even though men enjoy flattery, they want to feel that their compliments have landed with us and positively affect us. Most men don't know that a woman who can't say "thank you" is really just uncomfortable basking in male attention. Usually a man will take a deflected compliment personally, feeling he doesn’t have the power to impress his date with words.

What Attracts A Man To A Woman: Softness


It doesn't matter how "tough girl" you are or how rowdy and loud your laugh -- softness is about tenderness and vulnerability and even the loudest gals can be soft in all the right ways! 

What attract a man to a woman is an extended invitation on her part for him to get to know her on a deeper level. If you are sending men the message that your heart is walled up with barbed wire, you aren't going to inspire men to act like gentlemen. You are going to make them feel challenged and defensive. 

Think of your heart like a pillow. I may sounds silly but it might help chip away any brittleness and loosen you up. Next time you're with a man and you feel anxious or closed-off, take a moment to visualize your heart as a pillow. What does it look like? Soft, pink, fluffy, cozy, snuggly, stuffed to the brim with delicate feathers that tickle the walls of your ventricles? 

Let the image of a "pillow heart" loosen any tension in your body, especially in your hips and face. Let yourself melt into your seat. Don't forget to breathe. 

If you start to shake with nerves, it's okay. He'll feel flattered that he has the power to unnerve a pretty gal like yourself. What's important is that you invite him into your heart by softening any severe edges, so that he begins to feel encouraged to come closer.

What Attracts A Man To A Woman: Feminine Tranquility

You'll often hear smart, funny women say that men don't appreciate smart, funny women. That's simply not true. Men love intelligence and a great sense of humor. What a lot of men don't like is hostile energy, and unfortunately, a lot of smart and funny women have hostile, masculine energy. Being really smart and witty and being neurotic usually go hand in hand. A little neurosis is charming, but a woman who overanalyzes everything and is stuck in her head all the time isn't attractive to most men.

What attracts a man to a woman is calm energy. This comes with trust and surrender. When you can trust that you and your date will have fun and enjoy one another -- when you can surrender to any variable that's out of your control (like his behavior) -- then you make room for a connection to form.

Men want to share intimate moments with women who can stay in the present moment. Being in a calm and peaceful mindset on a date really makes a big difference. It allows you to relate to your date. It allows him to feel emotionally safe opening up and sharing himself with you. It allows you to be funny in an attractive way, which is more playful than sarcastic and cynical.

Dating is the opposite of a job interview or a chit-chat with friends. A date is your time to be vulnerable, playful and gentle. Think about the men who turn you on — they are the ones that can slow down and connect with you in a sensual and melodic way that makes you feel like the only woman in the room. It's time to make him feel like the only man in your universe.

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