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Beckham Impresses PSG Bosses

Beckham Impresses PSG Bosses

Paris Saint-Germain assistant boss Paul Clement has told Sky Sports that David Beckham is already making a big impression.

Beckham Impresses PSG Bosses

A huge media show was present at PSG's training HQ, Camp des Loges, on Wednesday as the former England captain joined up with his new team-mates for the first time.

"We see David brings a lot of attention but we are really excited to have him as a player," Clement told Sky Sports.

"He has been here a week now and I have done some work with him last week in London, and my initial impression - my first one, is really positive, a total gentleman and real professional who just wants to keep playing.

"He is a fit guy there is no question about it, but he did not do much after the end of the season so when you get to his age you have to recover but I don't think it will take long and we hope he will be involved very soon."

Clement admits that Beckham may not be involved against Sochaux this weekend but could be ready for Marseille the week after.

"It is a maybe, I don't think he would be fit enough to start this weekend but it is a possibility," he said.

"He could be involved but it depends how he responds to training this week. Certainly for next week he will be a certainty to be involved."

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