Pastor Kris Respects Stephanie’s Opinion 4 years ago 3

There are insinuations that all has not been well in the household of Pastor Kris Okotie ever since his wife left. Though, the revelation of Henshaw on the social networking sites was said to have sent some signal to the man of God who has been married twice and divorce.

According to what one of the sources, Pastor Okotie agrees with her that external interference, however, played a role leading to the “irreconcilable differences” that collapsed their marriage, but added that she also did not help issues. The source said, at best, Stephanie helped to fuel the so called lies by her actions.

Since June 24 that Pastor Okotie broke the news during a Sunday service at his House of God Church, the man of God has pleaded with the public to respect their decision and pray for them in these trying times.

But since Stephanie decided to take the matter to the public domain, sources in Lagos have confirmed to us that the ‘big-grammar’ pastor seems to agree with Stephanie to a large extent, but also believes that there were issues from other angles that she didn’t make reference to.

Another source revealed that the matter is even more complicated than many could imagine, saying it seems another woman is already on the sideline. He said there are strong indications that she’s set to take over Stephanie’s position and becoming another “Mrs. Okotie” Home Page

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