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Shunning Of Public Mosques

Shunning Of Public Mosques

The reported shunning of public mosques by the northern elite, for fear of being attacked by the Boko Haram extremists, should not jolt anybody.

The Boko Haram burning fire from the mountain top was noticed long time ago by many Nigerians both at home and abroad during the early stage of this present government and was echoed to all who cared to listen in the northern region, especially for those at the helm of affairs there to do something to douse the ravaging fire to no avail.

Now, the elite are feeling the heat of the Boko Haram burning fire and are avoiding public mosques of worship for fear of being attacked. The question now is, for how long are they going to hide?

The solution is that they must not run away from their subjects! All hope is not lost to see that things return to normalcy in the north. The Northern leaders must as a matter of urgency, engage in massive enlightenment programme to the Boko Haram insurgents that their burning fire is consuming the entire north and Nigeria as a whole. Secondly, they should ask them what they really want, because they were targeting churches before.

The insurgents do not live in the sky; the northern elite know them. This is the appropriate time for them to enter into dialogue with the sect.

Running away from the sect will not solve their present predicament! Will this cat and mouse game continue between the elite and Boko Haram over there? Only time will tell.

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