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North Leaders Not Interested In Resolving Insecurity

North Leaders Not Interested In Resolving Insecurity

Secretary to the Plateau State Government, Prof. Shedrack Best, has insisted that northern leaders have not done enough to check growing insecurity in the North.

Best, in a statement on Tuesday, said the lack of unity in the North was regrettable.

He said, “The North is not interested in addressing the problem and many others facing the region. This explains the deafening silence of the region’s leaders who will be quick to put together the region to transfer power during elections, but close their eyes to the current monster eating up the region. This is a recurring decimal.

“In December 2011, the Arewa Consultative Forum held a northern seminar to address issues of insecurity in the North. Senator David Mark, Bishop Hassan Kukah and a host of others attempted to open up these same issues to get the North thinking seriously. By the end of the first day, the meeting was hijacked by people who wanted nothing addressed and the good foundation was dug up and dismissed.”

Meanwhile, a group, Christian Elders Forum of Northern States, has decried the uproar caused by a comment attributed to Senate President David Mark.

Mark was quoted as saying that Northern Elders had not done enough to stop violence in the North.

NOSCEF, in a statement by Matthew Owojaiye, said that instead of castigating Mark, the northern leaders should heed his advice.

He said, “Are we accusing him because he was frank and bold enough to say what all of us have been saying in private? Even at the meeting of the Northern Elders Forum in Abuja, the forum blamed the elders for the situation the North has found itself. The forum admitted that northern elders had not followed in the footsteps of the Saudana in peace and harmony and also in development.

“Everybody is alarmed at the state of the nation. The North has never had it so bad. We Northerners must be frank with ourselves. We have failed miserably. Can the village and ward heads claim they don’t know the people causing the trouble?”

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