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Ask Naij: "I Was Defrauded Of N12 Million By Woman I Met Online"

Ask Naij: "I Was Defrauded Of N12 Million By Woman I Met Online"

I found my wife in bed with another man and now a woman I fell in love with over the internet has cheated me out of over N12 Million.

I am 56 and it broke my heart when my marriage broke up. I turned to the internet and got chatting with this woman. She’s 49 and said her marriage was over. I gradually fell in love with her.

She had enormous problems because her house was about to be repossessed so I lent her around N2.5 M to stop the process.

After phone calls, letters and daily emails she agreed we should set up home together and said we would marry when her divorce came through. Her voice was music to my ears and I bought her an engagement ring and an expensive watch.

We were planning to meet up to start our lives as a couple and when she said she was longing for a face-lift, I paid for that and sent her cash, gifts and clothing too.

But as the time for our meeting drew near she made endless excuses for not writing and not answering my questions. The gaps in between have grown longer and longer and we are clearly not going to be together. It’s broken my heart.

I really thought she loved me. I know she is in a difficult position with her husband but all the lies I have heard are tearing me apart.

I have a hotel room booked for a month – for us to stay in while we looked for a house. Do I still go? Do I tell the husband about the money I spent on saving his house?

I now wonder whether she really fell in love with me at all. All I want is an honest answer to my questions.

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