1,000 Nigerians To Be Deported From Austria 4 years ago 7


Nigerian Ambassador to Austria Her Excellency, Maria Oyeyinka Laose led an Austrian high delegation and had signed a treaty that any black person whose identity in Austria is in doubt would be deported to Nigeria.

Recently, a father of 2 ½ year old son was allegedly deported without official verification and this has created a lot fear in other Nigerians who have stayed worked for years in Austria.

The Nigerian communities in Vienna are boiling, they are weeping and wailing but yet their cries are like the lonely voice of John the Baptist in the wilderness without anybody to turn to. How long shall they continue to live in a state of uncertainty with the hope that one day it will be better?

As reported, this treaty was unfortunately supervised by the Foreign Affairs Minister Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru prompting Nigerians in Austria to ask the question; whose table do they now lay their shameful and unbelievable complaint to, since the Ambassador and the Foreign Affairs Minister whose portfolios lie the hope of redress in the case of any foreign molestation have sold them out like slaves?

Therefore, Nigerian communities in Austria are calling on the President and Commander in Chief of Armed Forces Federal Republic of Nigeria , His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and members of the National Assembly both upper and lower houses to please rush to their aid.

“The agreement exposes these persons who are without clear proof of Nigerian citizenship, most of them living in Austria for many years and well integrated (but not accepted as refugees according to the Geneva Convention).” Stated the brief. Home Page

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