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Flu Season Factoids that Shock even Nurses!

Flu Season Factoids that Shock even Nurses!

Nurses are quite a special breed during flu season, using everything from obsessive, germ-a-phobic behavior to shamanic, home-brewed remedies to ward off infection. The craziest instance of all, though, is when a nurse takes no extra precautions and is shocked to wake up with the sniffles!

Flu Season Factoids that Shock even Nurses!

 Here we want to make sure nurses are staying well as the pesky flu virus finds its way into homes and hospitals this fall. Here’s a quick, 30-second guide to avoiding the flu that may be just the thing to gross you out enough (it’s not easy!) to take extra precautions.

1. Don’t make it so easy for the flu virus!

Here are the top 10 reasons nurses get sick:

2. Do these “crazy”, precautionary things (they work!)

Sound like “out there” tactics? Get the rationale.

3. Use your ears to cover your mouth!

You don’t need to be staring into the tired, watery eyes of a sick person to know that contagion has moved into your zone of personal space. When you’re walking down the hospital halls or running errands at the mall after your shift, use your ears to pick up warning signals! Check out this Auditory Guide to Coughs to fine tune your flu-avoidance radar.

4. Venture beyond the medicine cabinet! Nurses’ top picks for cold/flu remedies when all else fails:

5. Respect the sneeze guard! Ever heard of Puff Daddy? Yes, he’s a rapper. He’s also a robot with very poor etiquette. He’s coughing on everyone around him and spraying them with germs! See how far his sputum can reach (you’ll want to know because it’s a simulation of a real person’s cough!).

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