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“I married my husband when he had nothing. I fed him, clothed him. I bought two buses for him for commercial use; he sold one and kept the money from me.

“I gave him my ATM cards, so it enabled him to withdraw my money at will. I loved him passionately. I leaned on the promises he made to me not knowing that they were all fake”, a 28-year-old woman told an Orile Agege ‘B’ Customary Court, Lagos. She wanted her six-year-old marriage terminated over desertion and adultery.

Mrs Maria Igbaji, who lives at 10, Oyewole Road, Orile Agege, said, “All the money he realised from the transport business, he kept it away from me.

“While I was busy providing for the upkeep of the house, he was busy saving the money he realised from the business.

“I was so blindly in love that I could not see that this man is a gold digger and that he was out to ruin me completely.”

The mother of one said her husband told her in Dec. 2011 to go to her village for Christmas not knowing that he had another plan.

Her words: “My husband told me to go my village in Dec. 2011 for Christmas. After the festive period, he called me to say I should not to come to Lagos yet, that he wanted to pay for another accommodation for us.

“When it was almost a month after he called me and I didn’t hear anything from him again, I came to Lagos without telling him. But to my amazement, I found another woman in the house.

“My husband told me that he didn’t love me anymore and that I was now stinking. Since then, he abandoned me and our child at home and left for an unknown place.

” I still love him but I cannot force him on myself but before I leave him, he should settle me for all I went through while trying to please him.” Maria, in tears, said she wished she could draw back the hands of time, and wished it never happened.

Mr Benjamin Igbaji, 35, a business man who lives at Echura Estate, Banana Island, B8, told the court that he left the house because his wife wanted to control him.

“She nags a lot, she does not listen to me, she accuses me wrongly, she always wants to do what pleases her and not what I want.

“It is true, she assisted me in my business and I paid her by showing true love to her but she is just to hard for my liking.

“I left the house because of her trouble, I don’t love her anymore and I can’t change my mind about that. “I want her to leave my house and go back to her parents house,”he said.

Meanwhile, the Court President, Mr Joseph Adewusi, adjourned the case till Feb.7 for judgment.

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