Ask Naij:

Ask Naij: "My Man Lasts 3 Hours During Sex"

My Fiance and I have been together for 2 ½ years and engaged for about 2 months.

I am 25 and he is 26-years old. He is so amazing! Since the day I met him I still wonder what planet he came from because I have never had a man love and care for me the way he does. We both have good paying jobs and I can really see our future going according to plan.

I waited to have sex with him due to sex always being the reason I’ve gotten my heartbroken in the past. And, our first time together was about 2 or 3 months ago. The first time was short and lasted about 2 minutes. Then, I was completely in shock when the 2 minutes turned into 2 hours.

The first hour I am thinking, “I love this.” The 2nd hour I’m thinking, “This feels good.” But, when we get to the 3rd hour, I’m tired!

And, ever since our first time, every time we are together he wants sex and it’s hard for me to say no because he is really good at getting me in the mood, but it lasts so long to where I’m tired and he’s still going. How do I tell him how I feel without seeming crazy? Or do I try to talk him into meeting half-way sexually?

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