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5 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Women

5 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Women

One thing that often happens to men when they are around women (especially women who are not yet close to them or women they love) are they feel afraid, nervous, and anxious.

5 Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Women

This is perfectly normal if a man ever had a bad experience with a woman before or doesn't have much experience with women. Yes, the main problem is experience. Like when you're speaking or singing in front of thousands of audiences, if you don't have much experience before, you will certainly find it difficult to do. But after you get used to it, you certainly won't experience significant difficulties. Remember, you won't get anything if you just sit back and wait. Here are 5 ways to overcome the fear of women:

1. Learn to understand women

Men and women have very much fundamental differences. As a first step, you should be able to understand women well. You certainly can't treat women the same as when hanging out with your male friends or tell dirty jokes to them because women are usually sensitive towards your words and behaviors. Learn about women from various psychology books, by asking your friends or women who close to you(your mother or sister).

2. Talk to women and get used to it

Experience, experience, and experience. That's the key. Start from now! You don't have to start by talking to women who are totally unfamiliar to you, just begin with women around your neighborhood. Also, no need to directly begin with the woman you like because if you're not ready, you'll give a bad impression to her and make her farther from your reach instead. The more you practice, then eventually you will be much more accustomed to talk with women. You won't be nervous to speak in public if you're a frequent public speaker and you won't be nervous in front of women if you often hang out with them.

3. Think positively and boost your confidence

Besides lack of experience, fear and anxiety arise because you feel less confident in yourself. Words that come up in your mind such as "I'm not handsome, I can't get her" or "she's a perfect woman, I don't deserve her" will complicate you to make a positive impression on her. Change your negative thoughts because she is just like you, a human. So there's no reason for you to think you are at a lower level. You have to know one thing: MOST women feel flattered when a man approaches them. Maybe they are not directly attracted to you, but their initial reactions are a bit surprised and flattered surely. Seriously, it's natural.

4. Start to try

The next step is to practice it with the woman you like. Begin by asking simple things about her. People basically like to tell about themselves so this is a safe topic to talk about. Besides you will be closer to her, you will also know her better. No need to do a direct approach when she's sitting alone if you're too shy (it's nice if you dare, though) , you can use other ways such as starting conversation via instant messenger (Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live, etc) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). One thing to note: Don't ask her or talk to her until you run out of ideas, save the conversation topics to be discussed at another opportunity. That will make you able to communicate with her regularly.

5. Don't be afraid of rejection

Last, don't be afraid of rejection. Rejection is a common thing in life. When we apply for a job, sometimes we also rejected by the companies. They reject because they feel you're not fit to work there. Just like when you approach a woman, if she rejects, then you and her don't match each other. That's it. No need to take it personally and feel inferior. Remember! Nobody can't determine who's your soulmate, even a fortune-teller. But one thing is certain, you will never know whether she is your soulmate or not until you see the final result of your efforts.

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