Hike in Fuel Price in Port Harcourt 4 years ago 9

Long queues have reappeared in filling stations in Port Harcourt due to sudden petrol scarcity that hit the state. Motorists now spent several hours on the queues before buying petrol.The situation for motorists was worsened with the heavy rain which made their long wait in the queues more unpleasant.

The scarcity has led to less traffic on the road, making school children and other passengers to face serious difficulties going about their businesses. Motorists who could not wait patiently for their turns now patronised black-marketers, buying at N250 per litre.

The cost of transportation within the city had also risen due to the situation. A N150 taxi fare for some destinations went up to N300 while bus charges for a distance which used to be N50 is now N100. A commercial bus driver, Mr Levi Okorie, said that government should not allow the situation to linger for a long time. Mr Jacob Nze, a taxi driver, said that the difficulties faced by the citizenry during petrol scarcity period could not be described.

“Government should do something quickly, this is having negative effects on all of us’’ he said. Also speaking, another commercial driver, Mr Isaiah  Jaja, said that the situation would  affect productivity in places of work. The current scarcity was allegedly caused by non-importation of products due to government’s failure to remit funds. Home Page

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