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Why Kidnap Incidents Are On The Rise

Why Kidnap Incidents Are On The Rise

Sequel to the kidnap of the Ejigbo Local Government boss, Mr. Kehinde Bamigbetan, Nigerians from different walks of life have reacted to the saga.

Why Kidnap Incidents Are On The Rise

While some blamed the government for inefficiency, especially, in the area of equipping our security agencies some were of the opinion that the insecurity situation in Nigeria is a product of unemployment  in the country.

Others suggested that much priority should be given to the security sector in the country. These are some of their opinions as compiled by SATURDAY VANGUARD.

It is caused by unemployment — Jeffrey Emeka I think to be honest this kidnapping issue has become a very big problem in the country. Now, you cannot go out freely without having the fear that somebody somewhere is after your safety. If you want to go out now, you have to look at the time.

I think our government is not doing their best as far as finding a lasting solution to the problem is concerned. In the area of security, there is no good security agency in force. Our police and army are not well equipped.

The worst part of the whole thing is that when you call the police or the army on any issue of crime, they don’t respond in time. They will either give one excuse or the other.

Secondly, there is no free line for you to reach these security agencies when you are in problem. I think these are the major areas our government should look at. Lagos state government especially, should enhance the security framework in the state considering how busy the state is. So the people can come back whenever they are free to.

There was a kidnap issue that happened some weeks ago at Ojuelegba I can not really remember the date. The lady just left home to office, after some minutes, a call came to the family members that the lady who left some minutes ago has been abducted and a ransom was demanded from them.

As we are speaking now, the person has not been released because, the ransom they are demanding was so I much and the police are not doing anything about the issue. They will keep telling you come today and tomorrow because, they lack the basic materials to carry out the investigation. So, I think the whole thing boils down to our government.

They need to put the right equipment in place so that the police would work with. They are human beings as well and nobody would like to risk his/her life for such a serious job if the right equipment are not in place.

The government should go extra mile for the safety of Lagosians. Lagos being a very big commercial state should be given much attention.

Finally, I think the major cause of this whole problem is unemployment.  Basically, if you check the people doing these, most of them are youths. Some are graduates, you go to school, after much stress and expenses, you come out and there is no job.

You will see a graduate staying at home for more than three years with no job, then, frustration sets in and man must survive. They should try and work things out for us.

Lagos state should invest more in security—Innocent Maxwell

To me, security in Nigeria generally, has deteriorated; abduction has become the order of the day. Kidnapping is another major issue government should take very seriously. Lagos state should invest more into the security of lives and properties in the state. They should also create more jobs for Lagosians.

I think laziness and greed are causes of this insecurity problem in the state. The people of Lagos should also help the security agents by reporting any suspicious movement to the nearest police station. The people should work with police to drive this menace out of the state.

Some of them are politically instigated —-Gloria Edi

This menace started in the southeastern part as a means of getting government’s attention to the poverty afflicting the people of Niger- Delta region. Now, it has really gone beyond that, it is now a source of livelihood for some people and a means of retaliation for politicians. Jobless youths now hijacked it for their selfish interests. Government needs to provide employment opportunities.

This particular issue of unemployment has been discussed several times in different forms yet, nothing has been done about that. But I strongly believe that this is what the government needs to do if really they want to fight this problem of kidnapping once and for all. It is not a matter of providing sophisticated weapons because, you find out that in most kidnap cases, the kidnappers are always very sophisticated in weapons and style of operation.

Another factor propelling this crime is the issue of lack of some basic amenities by government in some areas and some politicians also use it as a means of suppressing their opponents. Some even go to the extent of hiring cult gangs well-armed and after the election some of them would turn to crime knowing fully well that they have back up.  Of all these factors I have mentioned, the one that clearly stands out is the politicians’ involvement.

If the government is serious in fighting kidnapping, they must start with withdrawing all the guns given to their thugs during the electioneering period and also, providing good jobs to these thugs.

If these youths were used during the election and dumped after the election, they will use their guns to fend for themselves. So the government should provide job for the youths and some other basic social amenities.

They should also encourage entrepreneurship among the youths. With this, kidnapping would be a story of the past.


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