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Pastor Bakare Pledges To Sweep PDP Away With Prayers

Pastor Bakare Pledges To Sweep PDP Away With Prayers

Pastor Tunde Bakare, has vowed to lodge prayers that will ultimately sweep the ruling Peoples Democratic Party-led government away from power.

Pastor Bakare Pledges To Sweep PDP Away With Prayers










“I invite the South, the North, the East and the West on July 22 to join us in sweeping off the fraud in the government of Nigeria. Only the foolish will wait for 2015 or 2020. We are throwing the corrupt people out of power.

“July will be intense for them; August will be more intense for them and September will be the darkest night that will usher in the new dawn for Nigeria,” he declared to the delight of his congregation.

Bakare was last week declared wanted by the State Investigation Bureau over a sermon proclaiming President Goodluck Jonathan as determined to bankrupt Nigeria.

Reacting to the invitation served him by the SIB; Bakare told his congregation that the letter inviting him to answer questions bordering on the contents of the controversial sermon arrived while he was away in Ukraine.

He also carpeted the Managing Director of Zenon Oil, Mr. Femi Otedola for instituting a libel case against him, and said that the case would bring out the legal practitioner in him.

 “I received lots of calls and I was advised not to come back to Nigeria until Monday, but I have nothing [to hide],” he said while narrating his ordeal since the previous week. I am now in the country for anyone that is looking for me,” and added, “Let him bring his lawsuit so that we can put his integrity to the test. He wants to see the lawyer in me.”

He said "However, in his sermon shortly after his arrival on Sunday, Bakare, who was defiant as usual said “Let us carry Jesus up and throw Jonathan away. Up, up Jesus; down, down Jonathan during the sermon on Sunday, he chorused during the service.

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