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5 Things Single Women Hate to Hear

5 Things Single Women Hate to Hear

Check out the five things no single woman wants to hear below;

1. You're Too Picky:

Many single women are told that they need to lower their standards and while this may be true for some, it is still an unfair statement. There are people with higher standards than that particular lady that are not single. Very few people choose to be single and this statement makes it seem like it’s their fault. While it may be well-meaning, saying this implies that at the point the particular single friend or loved one has reached, she is no longer allowed to be discriminating.

2. You Don't Dress Well Enough

Single women are told to wear more make-up and dress more attractively and change their entire wardrobe just to attract a man. This is implying that she should make a show of herself just to catch a man’s attention. The bad thing about this is that it makes her seem desperate and most men can smell desperation from very far away.

3. Hide Who You Really Are: 

Single women are encouraged to pretend, just to get a man. “Don’t let him know you have a Master’s degree”, “Don’t let him see that you have a better car”, “Don’t voice out your opinions all the time”, “Don’t let him know you’re smarter than him” etc.  Even if a woman gets a man this way, it can only lead to trouble because eventually the man will know all the things she’s been hiding.

4. Let Me Introduce You To...:

Yes, sometimes single women like to be introduced to men you think they’ll like but other times it’s just downright annoying, especially when the man in question is someone who your single friend has nothing in common with. You mean well, yes, but sometimes it’s okay to mind your business.

5. Why Are You Still Single?:

The right answer to this question should be a sarcastic one; like “Oh didn’t you hear, I’m now a nun”. However, silence would be the mature answer.

So for all of you that have single female friends, they know you mean well but please give them a break!

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