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'I Need A Black Jesus'

'I Need A Black Jesus'

It is a very creative and unique poem which expresses the hard life and struggles of an African man.

Read below and let us know what you think.

I need a black Jesus

Someone like me

Who speaks my language

And knows what I feel

Not the blond hair, blue eyes

But wolly hair, brown eyes

Someone who comes from within

Not from across the sea

Not the artistic creation

Brought to life

By micheal-angelo's brush

And the catholic pope

A black Jesus

Who knows how to be African

Understand my mother tongue

Eats yam and kolanut.

He would not despise my skin

Or castigate my kin

Telling me I'm ham's descendant

That's I'm the white's servant

A black jesus

Who our leaders would revere

And dare not swear an oath

Unless prepared

Yes he would resurrect

With me and my spirit

We would walk the seas together

And feed the ignorant multitude

Not the one that has created rift

And torn my brothers apart

His name on the slave ship

And endorsed the apartheid

Black Jesus, where are you?

Unsettle my reality

Tell me the devil wears white

'Cos he is an angel

We need a black Jesus

To free us from this rot

Not the one packaged and sold to us

And shares birthday with the sun god

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