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Ask Naij: "I Am Having Fantastic Sex With My Boss"

Ask Naij: "I Am Having Fantastic Sex With My Boss"

I’m having fantastic sex with my female boss. Can it work?

I’m 29 and my boss is 38. I’ve been working as her assistant for the past three years. She’s smart and incredibly beautiful. I’ve known for a while that I was falling for her but I thought she wouldn’t even notice me in a sexual way.

Our friendship developed over the months until one night we had to stay late working on some accounts.

The atmosphere in her office that night was amazing. We spent some time talking about work but suddenly we were in each other’s arms.

I was taken aback at first. I was wary about having sex with her because she is my boss and the CEO of our company. We started kissing and then before I knew what was happening we were having sex on her office floor.

It was the best sex you can imagine. We have carried on seeing each other since that night six weeks ago. She said it was fine for us to see each other as we are both single.

She is flattered at how worked up I get about her.

We love to have sex with each other late at night after work, in her office or on her boardroom table. She has assured me that I am not doing anything wrong in having a relationship with her as far as the firm is concerned.

The sex we have is genuine. This is not a casual fling. It is fantastic.

Can we work out as a couple?

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