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Eto’o’s Sex Scandal Not True

Eto’o’s Sex Scandal Not True

The rumors that alleged the entire squad members of the Indomitable Lions including their captain, Samuel Eto’o Fils, had been along with prostitutes prior to their crucial qualifying match against Senegal in AFCON might not necessarily be true.

Stories about the sexual exploits of the Cameroonian players had been making rounds in the local Cameroon press circles, and when the Lions’ failed to register a triumph against the Teranga Lions in Dakar that was stated as the reason for the failure.

Eto’o’s Sex Scandal Not True

According to the story, the captain and players of the Indomitable Lions had been given a prostitute as they were getting ready for their game in March. The prostitutes had supposedly been set up by Senegalese officials as a ploy to bring down the morale and concentration of the Cameroonian players before the crucial game in Dakar.

An administrative Director of the team, Nguidjol Nlend, had allegedly leveled accusations against the Senegalese officials in an interview that he gave to a local Cameroonian tabloid, Le Messager.

But the Senegalese football federation officials have strongly denied the allegations, and are determined that the story is false and is directed towards spoiling the reputation of Senegalese federation and damage the cordial relationship that Cameroon soccer officials share with their Senegalese counterparts.

The Senegalese officials affirmed that they did everything possible to ensure that the Lions did not face any issues before the crucial match. Louis Lamotte, vice president of the Senegalese football federation who was responsible of the organization, said everything was picture perfect at the encounter. According to him, Cameroonian football officials have not registered any complaints after the match about anything having gone wrong. This refusal is however going to be a permanent black mark on the image of the team, and that of its captain, Eto’o.

As the two teams Cameroon and Senegal get ready for another important match on June 4 in Yaounde which is probably going to be one of the vital games for the Lions in the recent past, such accusations would need to be sorted out so as to put a tab on fans who are likely to get violent and create a mob on the pitch. But Cameroon officials are supposedly doing whatever is required to guarantee the security of the visiting team.

Recently, Cameroon’s football legend and current Roving Ambassador, Albert Roger Milla, guaranteed that the Senegalese team members and officials who are arriving for the match will be completely taken care of. He tried his very best to pacify the visiting Senegalese delegation and trying to assure them that nothing would go wrong for them in Cameroon.

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