Shan George Denies Accusing Married Colleagues Of Sleeping Around 4 years ago 1

For a while now, stories have been circulating in the media that respected Nollywood actress cum producer Shan George accused her married colleagues of sleeping around like dogs.

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According to reports making rounds, the actress who just had a very successful premiering of her film Finding Goodluck was quoted as saying that her colleagues are lured into bed with money by top politicians and businessmen and that the same people go about claiming to be happily married.

Did you actually say that your married colleagues abandon their husbands and sleep around like dogs with government officials for financial rewards?

Jesus! That’s the worst mudslinging technique I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been in Nollywood for 14 years. So is it now that I’m seeing the Nollywood wives? That’s so crappy for someone to quote a childish caption like that on me. I don’t even know who Olufamous is, never even heard of that name before.

How did you feel about it all?

As much as my name has been callously dragged into the mud for many years since I’ve been in Nollywood, it still feels terrible. My mother says I should be used to these things by now, but there’s no getting used to being falsely quoted just to call one a bad name. Because millions of people read these lies and believe them. Then when they meet you, they treat you likewise.

Do you have any words for your fans?

Hate me for the wrong I’ve done to you, not for the stories told to you by someone, because that someone may be a hater of Shan George. I’m a woman and a mature one for that matter. Who is sleeping around or not is not what I have time for. I don’t judge anyone. Only God has the authority to judge. Home Page

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