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Wenger Regrets Jack Decision

Wenger Regrets Jack Decision

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insists he will take no more chances with the fitness of midfielder Jack Wilshere.

Wenger Regrets Jack Decision

The England international missed the whole of last season with an ankle stress fracture and returned to the Arsenal team at the end of last October.

But the 21-year-old, who continues to suffer from an ankle problem, played for an hour in Saturday's 3-1 victory over Norwich following another lay-off.

"I rushed Jack back a bit. He was not completely ready," Wenger said ahead of Tuesday's match with Everton.

"How careful have I to be? To listen well to the medical advice and that is what I have to do, use him when everything is all right and listen to him as well, how he feels.

"Jack has been out for six weeks, so maybe it was a bit too rushed, what I did.

"I will get advice from the medical department and how he feels as well and as well use my experience and the fact I know him very well.

"He practises with me since he was 16, so I know quite well how his body responds to things."

Wilshere, meanwhile, accepts he probably needs a bit more time to fire on all cylinders again.

"I know it was only six weeks, but you still lose your match sharpness and it takes a few games to come," Wilshere said.

"It was frustrating, because I was flying just before I got injured in March. I felt good, confident, and then picked up another injury.

"Things then drag a little and you lose your sharpness, but this time it wasn't anything like as long as the one before, so hopefully this time I can get it back more quickly.

"I needed that game on Saturday - you always need your first one out of the way.

"I wasn't great, I know it myself, I am better than that, but you need just to get that first game in so that your sharpness and understanding come back."

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