Fashion Tips For Women With Big Belly

Fashion Tips For Women With Big Belly

Most women, who have a big tummy find it very difficult to hide their tummy area with the help of clothes and may often feel frustrated about it when people stare at their protruded tummy.

First thing to do is, invest in a pair of magic pants support underwear. High-waisted briefs work wonders by smoothing out lumps and bumps and providing support and giving the appearance of instant weight loss by reducing inches. Alternatively try a tummy trimmer with a difference, lycra control tops that can be work as outerwear.

Women with big tummy must avoid wearing short T-shirts or tops. It is best to avoid them as much as possible and start wearing any variety of baby-doll top that is manufactured from linen or cotton. This kind ofwill help you to hide your tummy area and will emphasize more on your bust area.

Skin-tight jeans and trousers won’t make a perfect outfit for you. Hence, you must avoid wearing jeans and trousers that are skin tight at the hip area are outsized at the base, if you want to hide your big tummy and don’t want to look fatter. So the next fashion tip for women with big tummy is to wear a pair of trousers that have zip on the sides and are upright in the front size.

Avoid trousers that have big pockets and prefer the ones that have lateral zips. This will help you to hide your big tummy and will also provide you an urban look.

If you are fond of wearing jackets then you need to think about the perfect kind of jackets in case, you have developed big tummy. You can choose a jacket that closes from the bust and is also upright on the tummy area. A jacket that closes from the bust takes away the attention of the people from the tummy area and also enhances the beauty of your bosoms.

Avoid wearing dresses that are made of lycra or polyster as they will make your tummy visible.

Skirts that have an upright pattern can be worn in combination with a ‘V top’. A two-piece outfit can be accompanied with a ribbon or a belt to get a trendy look.

High waisted empire line dresses and tops will fit the upper part of the torso, flatteringly skimming over the stomach area.

Trousers should be tailored, with no bulky pockets at the front. A slightly-flared leg will balance out the belly, so will pants that finish at the heal, thus elongating the leg. Avoid tapered trousers like the plague!

A wide elasticated belt will actually prove support for the stomach and provide you with a waist. Wear them over untucked tops and under jackets see how it holds the stomach in.

That doesn’t have to mean black, however, blue, charcoal gray, purple and burgundy are all stylish winter colors that pop.

Draw people’s eyes away from the stomach by wearing wide open necklines or detailing around the top half of the body.

Last but not the least, women with big tummy should avoid wearing elastic or sleek cloths and should carry a small bag in order to diminish the appearance of their large stomach.


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