"I Am Not An Accomplished Actress" Oge Okoye About Family And Career

well-known after she featured in the film titled Sister Mary. Her popularity grew

as she continued to put up stellar performances in subsequent movies she took

part in. She is successful woman, proud mother of two children and talented

actress. She has staged a comeback in latest interview where she spoke at

length on her life as a mother and an actress. Oge Okoye opens up on a range of

issues in this interview with AHMED BOULOR.

Oge Okoye became

"I Am Not An Accomplished Actress" Oge Okoye About Family And Career


What was the experience like on the set of the

movie Turning Point?

mind blowing and bonding experience for me. I had an amazing time working with

all the international stars and my other humble colleagues. We were all like a

family on set. Even the director was so soft spoken, cooperative and

accommodating. I learnt a lot from his mode of directing which I will put into

practice in the near future. I wish such projects will continue to come my way.

It was a

What made you accept the role?

was an amazing one and the fact that my character was a controversial one in

the movie made me accept the role. And with such a wonderful cast and a

whooping sum (smiles) who won’t accept the role?

The script

Was it a challenging experience trying to fit

into your role?

characters I’ve been able to bring to life have all been challenging and

likewise my role in the movie Turning Point. My role in the movie was a hectic

one; I took up the role of a ‘ghetto fabulous’ lady that lives in the US after

relocating from Nigeria in search of greener pastures. The character entangles

herself in all sorts of deals and businesses not minding whose toes she steps

on to make a living. All she cares about is to put food on her table either by

hook or crook. The character was of course challenging and I look forward to

such roles in the future.

All the

Was it hectic moving from Africa to America

trying to shoot scenes of the movie?

hectic at all moving around but certainly it was hectic arriving and being

rushed off to set that same minute from the airport. Not having a shower or a

bite or even time to do a run down through the script to shoot a scene. Gosh! I

felt like screaming but it’s all part of the job and we are used to all the

numerous challenges that come with it.

It wasn’t

What do you think is the significance of the


a lot from the movie; I learnt that humility goes a longer way than pride. I

learnt never to underestimate the power of a woman, never to involve a third

party when you are having issues in your marriage and the consequences of

greed. I also learnt that life in its fullness is like a clock that rotates, so

in our best interest, one should always live a straight forward life to avoid

complications. One also has to be nice to people you meet on your way up

because you never can tell who you’ll meet on your way down.

I took home

Do you consider yourself as an accomplished


consider myself as an accomplished actress? I would say I am happy and I thank

God that I accomplished my dream of becoming an actress and improving in my

skills, but seeing myself an accomplished actress? Not yet, because there’s

still a lot undone that must be done by God’s grace. Only then will I be able

to consider myself as an accomplished actress.

Do I

Do you think you are one of the most

misunderstood actresses on the scene?

of misunderstood at times but that notwithstanding, in life one is

misunderstood to be understood. Sometimes somethings are meant to be that way.

I won’t be the first nor will I be the last.

I am kind

every now and then watch movies that you have featured in?

Do you

all the time. I watch my movies and it’s mostly on weekends. I am also a critic

of my movies too.

I do that

What is it like being a mother?

being a mother is no child’s play but it takes patience, love and care and most

especially in the midst of all, being a mother gives one an unexplainable joy

inside of you.

No doubt

How close are you to your kids?

close to my kids. I am their mother and it is expected that I am close to them

at least.

I am very

How tasking is it being a mother, an actress

and a wife?

tasking I must confess but at the same time it is a fulfilling and satisfying

feeling when everything is being put in its place. I put my 100% attention to

my family and my career. It’s pretty difficult at some point but I have been

able to put all in line and fill up the margin by striking up a balance in my

home and place of work. I don’t want either part to suffer. It all has to do

with planning.

It is

Would you allow any of your kids to venture

into acting?

depends on the child; if that’s what he or she wants. I would support and give

useful advise where needed to any of my kids that want to venture into acting.

Acting is a noble profession.

Well, that

What have you been working on in recent times?

spending time visiting the less-privileged homes and schools where I try to

meet up with their needs in my own little way. Holding seminars on the

importance of education but I won’t forget to mention that I have just set up my

non-governmental organisation which is known as Positive Life for Children

Foundation (PLCF). The foundation is built on the growth and hope of children.

It is aimed at stimulating and encouraging their mental activity. It is about

placing priority on the issue of brilliant but less-privileged children and

children with special needs anywhere in Africa.

I have been

How many movies have you been part of in recent


really and truly lost count of that. I have featured in scores of movies and I

can’t start mentioning them one at a time. If you consider the year I started

acting you will sum up that I have featured in a lot of movies but I can’t

count how many movies I have featured in, even in recent times.

I have

Is the movie Sister Mary one of the most

memorable films you have been part of?

back fond memories with that question. Yes, Sister Mary is one of the most

memorable films I’ve been part of because it’s my first lead role in the

industry from the stables of Great Movies Production. The feeling was

overwhelming; that was where it all started for me and I am really grateful for

having such an opportunity.

You bring

How did you feel when you got the role?

excited that I got the role eventually and at the same time so uneasy out of

tension. It was my first time and I wanted to make a lasting impression. I did

in the end and the rest as they say is history.

I was so

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