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Robbers Make Our Lives Unbearable — Ogun Community

Robbers Make Our Lives Unbearable — Ogun Community

Residents of Teachers’ Land, a new settlement in Magboro, Ogun State, have called on security agents to save them from the terror of incessant robbery attacks.

They said there had been some attacks recently that pointed to the fact that the robbers might be very familiar with the community.

On Thursday, when our correspondent visited the community, the victims and residents were so scared that most of them refused to give their names when they spoke with Saturday PUNCH.

There are also reports that cars had been snatched from their owners in the community a number of times.

A resident, Bose, who would not give her surname, said on Wednesday, April 3, 2013, two robbers attacked her house about 6 pm when she and her husband were about taking their sick daughter to the hospital.

“They herded us into our sitting room and asked us to lie down with our children. They kept shouting, ‘Where is the money? Where is the money?’But we told them we had no big money at home, just what we were taking to the hospital.

“They ransacked the whole house and took phones, laptops and all the cash they could get. When they could not get much, they said, ‘We’ll waste one of your children now, then you’ll know you’re supposed to bring out all your money.’

“We kept begging them but before they left, they hit my husband with an axe on the head and inflicted a deep cut on his head in anger, just because they could not get much cash.”

She said one of the robbers wanted to shoot them as they were about leaving but the other prevailed on his colleague to leave them.

Another resident, who also declined giving her name because she was afraid the robbers might come and “deal with her,” said when the robbers got to her house, they beat her husband so much that he had to be rushed to the hospital after they had left.

The attack on her house took place a day before that of Bose.

“They beat my husband mercilessly as they demanded money from him. We kept begging the two robbers. My son was crying but one of them rebuked him in Igbo language. He shouted at him to keep quiet,” the heavily pregnant woman said.

Before the robbers got to her house, they had stopped over at her neighbours’ house, but the neighbours did not open the door when the robbers knocked.

The landlord of the house said he was asleep when the robbers came knocking. “My wife will tell you about it,” he said.

The wife, who insisted she would speak under condition of anonymity, said when the robbers knocked, she asked them to identify themselves.

“They did not say anything. They did not even knock. They tried to open the door and when they realised it could not be opened, they waited.

“I asked them who they were looking for but they said nothing. But when we looked through the peep hole, one of them, who spoke in Yoruba, said they were looking for Sodiq’s mum.

“We did not open the door but told them nobody bearing the name resided in our house. That was when they went to rob our neighbours,” she said.

Chairman of the landlords’ association, who could not give his name like the victims too, said such attacks occurred regularly in the area.

“They have snatched at least two cars here in the last two months. The problem is that the nearest police post is the Ibafo division, which is several kilometers away. Police do not patrol this area as big as Magboro is. We really need help from the government,” he said.

Another member of the landlords’ association said the problem of the community was compounded by electrification, which had not been extended to the area.

“These poles without cables you see were installed through communal efforts. To improve the security here, the government needs to give us light. You can see everybody is afraid of giving you their names. That’s because we are all afraid. The robbers operate leisurely here,” he said.

Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, advised the residents to write an official letter to the Commissioner of Police, Ikemefuna Okoye, about their concerns.

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