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Save Enugu Group Dismisses Chime’s London Picture As Fake

Save Enugu Group Dismisses Chime’s London Picture As Fake

Save Enugu Group Dismisses Chime’s London Picture As Fake

Save Enugu Group an association that emerged as a result of the prolonged absence of Governor Sullivan Chime has dismissed the recent picture of the governor and four other members of the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), said to have visited him in London as 'fake' and another 'government magic' to deceive the people of the state.

In a statement the group said: “We have come to the conclusion that the picture posted by Enugu State Government as having been taken on Tuesday January 22, 2013, is fake and tells a lie about itself. Some of the governors shown on that picture could not have been in London on that day unless they have the gift of bi-location.

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“The picture released by the state government shows a seemingly fit Governor Chime with his colleagues. A national newspaper of the same day also reported a phone conversation between the governor and the newspaper.

This development to us is a classic replay of Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s song ‘government magic.’ The statement, which was signed by former presidential aspirant, Maxi Okwu, Chief Willy Ezeugwu and Victor Chigozie Eneh described the picture as a panic response by Enugu State Government to meet the two-week deadline earlier given by the group to reveal the location and status of the governor.

“If that was the purpose then it has failed woefully.”

“If Governor Chime is as fit as shown, what is he still doing away from his duty post? Again the telephone conversation reported by the daily has done great injury to that paper. Many of us will remember the Yar’Adua phantom interview with BBC. Is this a replay here? We challenge them to play the audio. We all recall the dramatic telephone conversation between President Obasanjo and late Yar’Adua at a campaign rally in 2007, of ‘Umoru are you dead’?

“The Chairman, South-East Governors, Mr. Peter Obi was reported in The Sun newspaper of Monday January 21, 2013, on page 10 as saying that he was with Governor Chime in London when the news broke of the Ezu River bodies. He immediately cut short his visit and rushed home. How come there was no picture taken and why did our own governor not rush home also? The river is at the joint boundaries of the two states.

“There is an obvious misconception and naked attempt by government and its sympathizers or agents to misconstrue our campaign and engage in name calling or labeling. We do not wish Governor Chime dead or evil. Nothing in our campaign suggests that and indeed we have been of invaluable assistance by laying to rest the ghost of his demise.

“The issue here again is not about the peace of Enugu State or that government is working. It all comes down to the right of a people to know what their leaders are up to and how they are deploying tax payers’ money. It’s the issue of due process and transparency in governance; democratic engagement under the rule of law and constitutionalism.”

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