Ask Naij:

Ask Naij: "I Slept With My Best Friend's Girlfriend And Now She Is Pregnant"

I had sex with my best friend’s girlfriend when we were drunk. Now she’s pregnant I’m terrified it may be mine.

My friend and I are both 24. His girlfriend is 22. They’ve always had a stormy relationship - fighting, breaking up and getting back together again and again.

Whenever they split up, they would both come crying on my shoulder and I would mediate, to get them to sort it out. I never tried anything on with her, because I just don’t feel that way about her. I like them both and I have always thought of her as my friend’s girl.

I went out with her recently the weekend after they last broke up. We went to a bar then on to a club.

My girlfriend had been very patient with all this but she was getting fed up because she thought I was spending too much time consoling my friend’s girl. This time she went mad. She said she’d had enough and we had a huge fight.

I wanted someone to listen to me, so I called my friend’s girl and we went out again that evening.

We had a lot to drink and when we got back to mine, we ended up having sex. I know I used a condom but I was too drunk to make sure I used it properly. We agreed afterwards that it was a mistake and we’d never do it again. She got back with her boyfriend two days later.

That was eight weeks ago and now I’ve heard that she’s two months pregnant and I’m scared. I’d lose my best friend and my girlfriend over one stupid, drunken mistake.

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