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Ask Naij: "Do I Tell My Man I Slept With Someone Else?"

Ask Naij: "Do I Tell My Man I Slept With Someone Else?"

I’ve had sex with another guy but the more I realise how much my boyfriend means to me, the harder it is to find the courage to tell him what I’ve done.

We have been together for four years and I love him with all my heart. We are 24 and 27. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

We went through some difficulties last year. It was because he had become too comfortable, never showing me any attention or making me feel loved. We took a break but now we are back together.

But during this bad time I found comfort with one of our friends who was on a break with his girlfriend too. It started just with kissing but the next time we ended up doing a lot more. We had sex in the back of his car after a night out drinking.

It wasn’t exactly comfortable but it was really goof. It made me realise what I’d been missing.

Afterwards, though, I really regretted what I had done. I hated myself and wanted to forget it as quickly as I could.

The other guy told his girlfriend what we did and they are now back together again.

Although it has been three months and I am back with my boyfriend now, it is on my mind all the time. I worry the guy or the girlfriend will tell my boyfriend.

I could just deny it as this guy is a known liar, but I don’t know if this would be the right thing to do to protect our future.

I feel I’m a horrible person and I have ruined everything. I don’t want to lose my boyfriend over a stupid mistake.

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