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2015: Igbo Group Swears To Punish Jonathan

2015: Igbo Group Swears To Punish Jonathan

2015: Igbo Group Swears To Punish Jonathan

The Coordinator General of the South-East Revival Group (SERG), Willy Ezugwu on Monday called on all Nigerians of Igbo descent to ensure that they pitch their voice against President Goodluck Jonathan at the 2015 general elections.

In a statement emailed to Channels Television, Mr. Ezugwu said that “any person who is genuinely of Igbo extraction must be prepared to punish President Goodluck Jonathan at the next election or through mass protests that would amount to a vote of no confidence in him after the series of failed promises he made to garner votes from the region.”

He accused President Jonathan of deceiving Igbo people with his campaign promises of 2011 as all his actions since coming into office have served to only further impoverish the one group of people who genuinely voted for him going by election figures.

The statement said all that the people of the South East have to show for supporting the President in good faith is the array of phantom projects that if implemented would only serve to multiply the hell they presently live in.

It said “Construction of the Second Niger Bridge is a fresh political dummy packaged by President Jonathan and his south-east proxy, Anambra state governor, Peter Obi and is being marketed under the guise of being financed through Public Private Partnership-PPP/BOT-Built-Operate & Transfer.

“When Jonathan solicited support from Igbos in 2011 with promises of projects he did not disclosed to these trusting people that his grand plan was to sell them into the slavery that PPP-BOT amounts to since past events show that these concessions are usually granted to cronies who in turn share the resulting loot with those in government.

“But all these are being disregarded in the bid to again hoodwink Ndigbo in the South East and cart away votes come 2015 Presidential election. The desperation of President Jonathan’s spinners is astounding. They are branding this project as the first of its kind in Nigeria when the harrowing experiences of some travelers in some parts of the South West since the collapsed of similar PPP-BOT project between the Federal Government and Bi-Courtney Ltd on rebuilding of Lagos/Ibadan Express road expose the lie for what it is.

“Private Building of the Second Niger Bridge with-no fixed completion date is the stuff fraud is made of. It would come with consequences on the people since the investor would be eager to recoup the resources invested and if history and happenings elsewhere are good guides, the profit taking in such ventures would be unregulated and at the expense of Igbo-race for next 40 years or for the number of years of slavery specified in the agreement.

“We challenge those who routed for Jonathan Presidency to go ask him: what has been the benefit of swaying Igbos to support Jonathan and the PDP? What has happened to the national resources that the President is meant to hold in trust that he now has to start shopping for a slave master for the South East? Why has government abandoned the Onitsha Seaport project, a cargo airport in the South East and the Orient Oil refinery?” The SERG Coordinator asked.

SERG asked Igbo people to immediately start shopping for there would be candidate for the next elections and particularly look out for a person that will protect their economic interest and not some who will willfully sell them into slavery. The group said the easiest way of ensuring this is to insist that a South-East Presidency in 2015 is a must with a warning to people who hide under the guise of social cultural groups to truncate the collective aspiration of Igbo people.

It also said the people should not rule out having to take on the Jonathan government over any attempt to foist anti-people policies like PPP-BOT on them since access to world class infrastructure is embedded in the economic rights guaranteed by the laws of the land and that the government can provide these without recourse to sending Nigerians into slavery.

According to SERG, the Igbo people must immediately activate all the democratic avenues available for punishing President Jonathan for reneging on his electoral promises.

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