10 Ways To Fight Depression

10 Ways To Fight Depression

One thing you must know is, the mind is a place where depression grows to eventually become a menace to the whole of your system.

10 Ways To Fight Depression

1. So try as much as possible to engage your mind with positive activities, positive thoughts, a positive way of life and so on, just make sure your mind is not free for a depressing thought to creep in, why? cause a positive thought or activity takes you far away from whatever issues or problems facing you.

2. You must try as much as possible to avoid anxiety and difficult issues, problems, peoples views or opinions must not be allowed to take over your mind easily, because if it does, you become too anxious which predisposes you to been depressed.

3. When bored or moody, never try to find solace in drinks, sex, food or drugs, they only compound issues.

4. Boredom, loneliness, idleness, low self esteem and lack of self confidence are factors that exposes an individual to depression, so to avoid it, engage in pro-active activities like "Sports".

5. Have at least 2-3 mind lifting friends, keep companies that add value to your life, try to find someone you trust and respect to talk to, because depression thrives in silence, communication exposes it.

6. Never be caught idle, because it makes the mind go astray in search of crazy and depressing thoughts .

Engage your mind with activities that keeps it focused, activities like "Reading or taking a walk".

7. A low self esteem dampens the mind, which invites depression, so to conquer depression, your self esteem must burn high like steam.

Build a genuine self confidence from inside you, remind yourself everyday that you are " BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT, INTELLIGENT AND HARDWORKING."

9. Avoid getting angry easily, don't be jealous, never house any hatred towards anyone live with a free mind, that could be all the liberation you need from depression.

10. Don't blame yourself for whatever has happened or happening to you, this is the only way to clear your mind from all guilt and self condemnation.

Finally, try not to wake up on the wrong side of the bed and if you work, Please find time to relax your nerves, go out on a vacation, either with your family or alone. Just do something outside work.

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