Sheik Gumi Predicts Defeat in Mali of Western Interventioners, Sees an Anti-Islamic Bias In Sending Troops To Mali

Sheik Gumi Predicts Defeat in Mali of Western Interventioners, Sees an Anti-Islamic Bias In Sending Troops To Mali

“No Nation Can Fight Islam And Succeed” (Sheik Gumi)

In a post on his website, the cleric argued that there was no justifiable reason to send troops.

He wrote:

“Today Nigerian troops are committed in Mali to fight ‘Islamic terrorists’ without intellectually looking at the repercussion of such an adventure. We all know that the ‘War against terror’ which Islam also fights can easily be turned into war against Islam. There is a thin line between the two. And if caution is not taken, the situation can seriously be dangerous for the nation and more so for the government.

“One thing is very clear. No nation on earth can fight Islam and succeed. A Russian General was interviewed just before the illegal Bush Jr's attack on Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein and he urged Bush to tap into Russia's experiences in Afghanistan. The General said: “I advise the US not to attack Iraq, because if it does that, then it will be fighting the whole Muslim community and whoever fights the whole Muslim community will not succeed”.

"When I heard those words, I was amused. First I knew that Saddam Hussein was not a favorite of many Muslims, I therefore wondered who will fight for him if Iraq is attacked. Secondly, what weapons do the Muslims have that the superpowers cannot defeat in warfare?

“I now see what he means. The Soviet Union fought the Mujahideen for almost 13 years in Afghanistan and ended up disintegrated. Now, the USA is facing a similar challenge that made the Soviet Union unmanageable and finally fall. The USA has been a free country where money flows in and out, where business flourishes with little hindrance. But the moment Bush lied and tried to attack Iraq, a sovereign nation, all the Muslim states - even those that are moderate – were frightened by his recklessness.

“Americans were also frightened of a possible backlash from such an adventure, inflaming an already volatile situation. The end result has been stringent monitoring and restriction of the flow of money in and out of the country. A self-imposed umbilical stenosis, a self-imposed strangulation. Nobody will again trust the USA, therefore people now prefer Asia for their business, medical care and even education.

“All this was started by an idiot who caused untold hardship for his citizens and others alike. Today, Bush Jr and his defense secretary ‘Hamana’ Rumsfeld are nonentities even in their own country. They are not respected and they will forever be tormented with the sights of so many American youth that were maimed and had limbs amputated from the deceptive war against ‘terror’ they manipulated.

“As for Nigeria, we can see a parallel when in the late 60’s Maj. Nzeogwu assassinated the Northern premier and the Biafran War ensued. Ojukwu, in his declaration of war,said bluntly that he was fighting Islam and the menace of Arabs which he claimed. The end results were that he destroyed lives, went into exile and to date Biafra ceases to exist except of course in the mind of its proponents.

“And worse still for him, Islam has reached the shores of the Delta. This brief description of a chain of events should be a clear counsel to people leading Nigeria today; no one can fight Islam or the Muslims and succeed. It is futile to attempt it. They will only destroy their own lives and cause untold hardship to others. They will be cursed not only by people they injured but by their own people as Bush Jr is regarded now in America. Therefore if the government has such plans or are deceived by some Islamaphobes in their circles they should reverse their policies immediately.

“There is no border sharing between Nigeria and Mali. There is Niger republic, Burkina Faso and Togo in between. All these nations did not report terrorism and yet suddenly we read in the news that ‘the Army Chief of Staff (COAS) Azubuike Ihejirika, who did not offer evidence, claimed that terrorists trained in Mali had already arrived on Nigerian shores. See:‘terrorists’-mali-seen-nigeria-..., Posted: January 17, 2013 - 22:19.

“If what he said is true, then Nigeria is unnecessarily plunging itself into a War that will have a grievous consequence on our security without any foreseen benefit.

"Let us encourage the Malians to tackle their insurgency peacefully, and not by taking sides. If however, the SS&SE (COAS) wants to use the volatile situation to build on what his predecessor Azazi implanted, then we leave him to posterity. Time will tell. All we do is to urge Muslims to be calm, prayerful and watchful.” 


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