Air Nigeria in Trouble 4 years ago 1

The grounding of Air Nigeria signed a tough regulatory stance, strict adherence to regulations and a shriveled air transport market.

The domestic air travel market is currently in a precarious state. The grounding of the domestic and regional operations of Air Nigeria by the Federal Government due to alleged financial insolvency, the stoppage of operations by First Nation Airways and the withdrawal of operating licence of Dana Air after the tragic accident of June 3 indicate that the nation may lose a large chunk of the less than one per cent of Nigerians that travel by air.

The announcement of the grounding of Air Nigeria, which was established as a prime airline, shocked travellers and other Nigerians after it was forced to stop operation for one week by the industrial action   of its pilots and engineers.  When the  airline was  ready    to resume operation,  it was also stopped by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) for mandatory inspection. Poised to pick up from where it stopped after the hiccups, Air Nigeria was indefinitely grounded. Home Page

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