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Family Seeks Help for Paralysed Son

Family Seeks Help for Paralysed Son

Family Seeks Help for Paralysed Son

For the family of Alhaji Kamardeen Abdul-Mojeed of 24, Imoru Road, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, the horrible accident of December 11, 2011, involving members of the family cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

On the fateful day, a ‘learner’ driver allegedly rammed his Sport Utility Vehicle into a Keke NAPEP (tricycle), conveying Abdul-Mojeed’s wife, Sikirat, and his two sons, Mubarak and Ridwan.

The Jeep owner and a passenger in the tricycle died on the spot.

The SUV driver, it was learnt, bought the jeep that week to celebrate his house-warming.

Though none of Abdul-Mojeed’s family members died in the crash, the accident left the three of them unconscious for weeks. Thereafter, it was learnt that Sikirat and Ridwan were on admission at a hospital for close to one year before they were discharged.

Sikirat is currently walking with the aid of crutches, while Ridwan has recovered from his injuries.

But the situation of Mubarak, an SSS1 pupil, is still critical as he was diagnosed as suffering from the paralysis of both lower limbs.

He is also said to be having difficulties in urination and defecation because of the spinal cord injury he suffered.

Abdul-Mojeed told our correspondent on the phone on Saturday that he had spent more than N3m on his child’s ailment yet his condition had continued to deteriorate.

The boy’s father said the doctors handling Mubarak’s case said he needed a specialist’s attention hence they referred him to Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India.

He said the cost of the surgery was N5m and he had exhausted all he had.

A referral letter to the Indian hospital by the Ketonic Medical Limited, Amazing Grace Hospital, confirmed Mubarak was suffering from spinal cord injury with paralysis of both lower limbs and faecal and urinary incontinence.

The letter signed by the Medical Director, Dr. S.O. Adelaja, said as soon as the accident occurred, the patient was taken to the General Hospital in Ijebu Ode, where he commenced treatment at the hospital’s orthopaedic unit.

Adelaja said he (Mubarak) was later moved to a traditional bone healer where he developed bed sores which later became septic.

He said it was at that point that they moved him to AGH where he had been receiving treatment under the care of an orthopaedic surgeon till date.

The medical director said, “The sepsis was treated using IV Rocephine, IV Flagyl and Genticine. He was transfused with about four pint of blood. Serial PCV was carried out to ensure adequate blood supply to sore sites.

“The orthopaedic doctor reviewed his case and various investigations were carried out. The MRI Thoracic spine showed abnormal T2 hyper and T1 hypo signal intensity in dorsal cord at D9 to D11 with debased caliber possibly represent transaction. No obvious fracture at this level.

“The MRI Lumbar sacral showed loss of Lumbar Lordosis due to muscle spasm. No other significant abnormality is seen.”

Adelaja said after all the treatments, the condition of the patients remained the same with complete paralysis of the lower limbs and incontinence of urine and faeces persisted.

“In view of the above, considering the age of the patient, it is our opinion that he (Mubarak) should be referred to a specialist centre where he can be reviewed for further management,” Adelaja said.

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