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Polygamous Man Kills Second Wife Because She Demanded Sex

Polygamous Man Kills Second Wife Because She Demanded Sex

A heated altercation over conjugal rights turned fatal for a woman who was allegedly axed to death by her husband, a polygamist, following her demands to be intimate with him in a toilet.

After allegedly bludgeoning his first wife, Godeon Mabwe turned against his second wife who was asleep in a separate room and struck her on the neck with the same axe before disappearing from the scene.

The incident which left the Zimbabwean villagers dumbfounded, occurred on November 23 last year during the night just after the family had retired to bed.

It is alleged on the day in question, commotion started during the day when Mabwe's wives - Allerta Mapfumo and Maibaki Ndabale - accused their husband of failing to sustain an erection each time they needed him most.

During the night of the fateful day, there was a heated argument between Mabwe and Ndabale after the latter demanded to have sex in the toilet since Mapfumo had gone to sleep in a separate room. Mabwe, however, allegedly declined the request citing exhaustion after a day's work and lacked interest, a reaction which angered Ndabale, prompting a more intense squabble.

As the situation turned volatile and being unable to contain his fury, Mabwe allegedly picked an axe from his workshop, struck Ndabale once on the neck. She collapsed and died on the spot.

Still armed with the same axe, Mabwe proceeded to the room where Mapfumo was asleep and struck her once on the neck before disappearing from the scene leaving the axe behind.

Fortunately, Mapfumo survived the attack after she was rushed to the General Hospital where she was treated. On Monday Mabwe appeared before Chitungwiza regional magistrate Estere Chivasa charged with his wife's attempted murder.

He pleaded guilty to the charge of attempting to kill Mapfumo and told the court that he was not aware of what possessed him to act in the manner he did.

Chivasa remanded Mapfumo in custody to January 21 for sentence after referring him for psychiatric evaluation. He will also be expected to be tried at the High Court for Ndabale's murder. Prosecutor Luke Mutupe appeared for the State.

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