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"What A Disgrace From 2 Face, Wizkid, D'banj, Iyanya, Davido, Terry G And The Rest"

Honestly am not against Nigerian artists, but have you noticed or listened to there rhymes? all they talk about is money, women, sex, party, life on the fast lane and non educational or inspiring stuffs.

We used to think music is a way of expressing ones feelings, That's what our musical teacher told us back then in school, and I believed because of the inspiring and motivational song from king sony ade,bob marley, lucky dube, fela kuti and the rest.

But now it seems people wants to make money than expressing themselves, everybody sings about the fast lane but hardly about the hustle that got them to the fast lane,that could motivate people.

Every Nigerian child (those with access to the tv or radio), will be singing all the dirt coming from this artists song corrupting there mind (so bad). for instance you see a two year boy, singing and shouting 'i need the koko' or u see a girl singing 'bottom belle'

It's just a shame if you turn to soundcity now, 99.9% of the music played is always about sex, money, cars, women, parties etc. none is ever educational.

Maybe the are all trying to sell there products, move along with the market ,unlike fela kuti, king sony ade, micheal jackson,lucky dube, bob marley, mozart and the rest, those are music that never dies,even till the next decade, unlike zacky aze, tony tetula, edris abdulkareem, mr cool, sisqo, rugged man and lots of them, you see the way they all faded?

That's because their songs have no weight, just music that comes and goes.

You will agree with me that music is beginning to loose its value.

By Daniel Okoro

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