Woman Pours Boiling Hot Water on Step Son 4 years ago 7

The increasing rate of home abuse, wife battery, especially child molestation, maltreating, and abuse now is very alarming and calls for serious and quick intervention by all.


Ola in a critical condition in serious intensive care in a hospital around Igando area of Lagos. His step-mum who works with the Lagos Internal Revenue Service took laws into and hands and punished him for beating her little daughter by pouring boiling hot water on him while asleep.

When asked about the incident, he said, “The argument that led to the sad incident started when my step-mum saw me beat my sister” recalls Ola, she got very angry and wanted to harm me back in anger, she reached for me and did all she could physically, I tried to defend myself but she overpowered me. She got more furious after my father and some neighbors tried to stop her, and she started scattering the house and even broke bottles.

My uncle who also lives around was able to drag her away from the house, and she slept over at his that night. I was still sleeping on my bed the next morning, when she walked into my room and bathed me with hot water, I staggered to the living room and saw my father and uncle. That was the last I remembered before I passed out and woke at the hospital. Home Page

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