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Keshi Out To Make Nigerians Happy

Keshi Out To Make Nigerians Happy

I want to go to South Africa and earn results that will make Nigerians happy and proud of the Eagles we are building.”

Keshi Out To Make Nigerians Happy

Keshi spoke to us from the Faro camp of the Eagles.

”I’m aware of the expectations especially after the draw in Spain with Catalonia. We are training hard and I will eventually select the best based on performane and not name. Any person in the team should be able to give account of himself in the competition.”

Meanwhile, fomer NFA chairman Kojo Williams has said that the damage done to “our football will take up to seven years to repair and since Keshi is on the right track he would be allowed to continue work with or without the Nations Cup victory.

Amanze Uchegbulam and Nwabufo Obienu who were at different times vice chairmen of the FA also commended the work Keshi and his crew were doing and reminded the authorities that solution to Nigeria’s problem would not come from the sacking of coaches who are on the right track.

”I have seen some young players that they are bringing into the team and the way that they are using them. I don’t think their future should be tied to this Nations Cup success or not,” Uchegbulam said. “They should be allowed to continue.”

Obienu said that the current team would mature by 2014 and that doing well at the World Cup should be the target.

”We now see the likes of Dike, Omero, Onazi etc. Then the local boys that played against Catalonia. They will all mature to be a solid team by 2014. Watch out,” Obienu

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