Northern Youths To Tackle Elders Over 2015 Elections

Northern Youths To Tackle Elders Over 2015 Elections

Northern youths have declared their readiness to stop old breed politicians in the region from contesting elective positions in the 2015 general elections.

Northern Youths To Tackle Elders Over 2015 Elections

The group, under the aegies of the Northern Youth Assembly, claimed that old politicians in the region had over the years used them as a launch pad to realise their selfish goals.

The NYA said after its meeting in Kaduna on Sunday it would not allow what happened in 2011 to repeat itself should power move to the North.

Addressing a media conference, the National Chairman of the group, Alhaji Ibrahim Waiye, accused political leaders in the North of failing to uphold the legacy of the late Premier of the defunct Northern region, Sir Ahmadu Bello

He said, “If the Sardauna and others had behaved like these so-called leaders we have today, they would not be where they are today. The crop of people we have in the North as leaders today are only interested in maximising their political gains.

“The elders have had enough of their time. Many of them were appointed ministers in their 20s and 30s.

Today at 30 many of us are jobless and the future looks very bleak because our elders have refused to leave the stage and are not even doing anything about the problems facing youths.

“They will use the youth to achieve their selfish political gains and at the end of the day they abandon them to wallow in joblessness and poverty.

This time around we are saying no, we will not allow ourselves to be used by any selfish politician again. We will determine the quality of leadership that will come this time around.

“We will only support people who will carry the youth along, people who will give the youth hope for a better future.”

He said there was the need for  youths in the  region to begin to articulate their views and positions and come out with a common agenda that would liberate them.

Waiye said, “We intend to create a platform where all northern youths will work together for a common good. That is why we have brought all youth groups in the North together so that we can agree on how to work together.

“This time around, we would not allow any politician to use us and dump us again. We want situation where we will sit down, articulate and agree on how we can take our destiny into our own hands. We are not happy with the northern leaders because they have completely failed the younger generation.

“They have failed to uphold the legacies of the late Sardauna, who they always speak of with pride.

The Sardauna and people like Tafawa Balewa and others provided them the opportunity to be what they are today through their visionary leadership.”

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