Help, I love her, But She is Too Ugly For My Liking

Help, I love her, But She is Too Ugly For My Liking

It all started almost 9 years ago, secondary school days, met her via a popular networking mode in a popular newspaper then and we started the normal Online dating, you know all those kinda love in tokyo stuffs. We do talk on phone like 6hrs out of the whole 24hrs of a day. 

She lives in another state and we both promised on seeing each other just the way young lovers do but i happen to have the overprotective type of parents so i couldn't travel out of my own state to see her, explained this to her and she understand and promised to wait for more time. we continued like that for about 3 years until we both gained admissions into different universities, though i chose to study oversea which really made matters complicated cos we hardly talk unlike before 

I decided to move on after 5years of ghost-dating (you know what i mean) and the truth was things wasn't so similar, I have really fallen so much in love with my unseen girlfriend in such a way that i just couldn't keep physical relationship for more than a month, then get back to my unseen love again, at a point i felt i was going crazy, that continued repeatedly until we lost contact for a whole year, we are both through with school and i have got a good job here back home, now my Parents wants me to get married, 

I have been into few relationships but none of these girls seems to be my type of woman to get married to, the only option on my mind was my unseen girlfriend, though i never saw her but considering the fact that we have talked for almost 8 years and knew each other so well, she seems to be my type of girl, but the problem is i have never seen her, except for an unclear picture she sent to my phone few years back.

she was lazy to learn how to browse the internet and use some social sites which would have been better for us both. Anyways decided to give her one more shot by getting her new contacts from her friends and I gave her a surprise call on her birthday and she was over excited, we talked for some days, had it at the back of my mind to settle down with her, no matter how beautiful or Ugly she was. Later, she told me she was now on Facebook, gave her my username to add me, was busy checking my Facebook wall every minute for new request, I couldn't sleep all through the night, not until morning when i eventually saw the request and accepted. 

Guess what? I met the shocker of my life! I couldn't eat throughout the day, she was pretty much more ugly looking than i could have ever imagined, even though i said i will go for her no matter how ugly she was, but the ugliness was just too much for me to bear. Not even the best makeup could do a good justice to it. Can't even think of living under the same roof with her not to talk of going to bed with her. Very short, chubby with no cool face whatsoever, she looks more like a younger Patricia in Eddie murphy's "NORBIT" movie. (Those who watched 'll understand). 

I'm 6ft tall, a bit dark and kinda muscular, u can imagine my pain considering our appearances especially if we happen to go out together. Now am so confused, I really wanna quit but where would i really start from after getting to know someone for 9 years? I do love her still, but her face and appearance is not doing any justice. My folks are already on my neck concerning marriage issue and the truth is i don't just wanna get married for the sake of doing it.

What do u think? What would u rather do? Leave your 9yr old lover for being so ugly and marry someone who you haven't known and studied for so long cos u couldn't stand your last girl's looks? I need serious advice please HELP!

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