Firm Launches Sensodyne for Sensitive Teeth 4 years ago 3

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nigeria Plc has inaugurated a new, improved Sensodyne with more fluoride, more mint and less abrasion. The product was unveiled at the Nigerian Dental Association national conference which took place on Wednesday in Lagos.

The Director, Clinical Research for GSK Globally, Dr. Stephen Mason, explained that the improved product would help consumers with teeth sensitivity to better manage the condition. Teeth sensitivity is a dental condition that causes sufferers to experience short sharp pain whenever they take cold or hot food.

This pain, according to Mason, is caused by gum tissue just pulling back from the hard white enamel. It creates a gap that exposes a small area which the dentists describe as dentine. The exposed area allows the cold food to be transmitted to the nerves causing the short sharp pains that consumers feel. ‘’

The Brand Manager of Sensodyne, Mr. Isaac Okanlawon, who also spoke at the unveiling, added that there were three variants and the improvement in formulation was across board. “The Sensodyne Extra Fresh has extra mint for longer lasting and fresher breath, Sensodyne Total Care F has more fluoride for stronger teeth and Sensodyne Gentle Whitening for those who also want whiter teeth,’’ he explained.

Sensodyne, Okanlawon noted,   contains fluoride and every other ingredient in regular toothpastes but also has special ingredients that go into the teeth, to soothe the nerves and form a protective layer, which relieves sufferers of the pain of sensitive teeth. He said the product could be used daily as regular toothpaste. Home Page

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